Massachusetts Wage Claim Act

The Massachusetts Wage Act is one of the most important laws available to protect employees in Massachusetts. If your current or former employer has failed to pay you the wages you have earned, including sales commissions, non-discretionary bonuses and earned vacation pay, you can file a lawsuit to get the compensation you deserve.

If your current or former employer is found to have violated the Massachusetts Wage Act, you could be entitled up to three times what you’re owed, PLUS your employer will have to pay your attorney fees. This is true even if you’ve been wrongfully classified as an independent contractor instead of an employee, which is common in Massachusetts.

Wages: You should be getting paid in a timely manner for the work you do.

Hourly Pay: If you are paid on a hourly basis, you are entitled to get breaks and get paid overtime if you work more that 40 hours in a 1 week period. Massachusetts Employment law protects hourly workers by imposing penalties on companies that fail to pay their workers properly.

Vacation: If your company agrees to pay you vacation pay, they must follow through. Massachusetts Employment laws requires that companies pay you what is owed to you; thus if you’ve earned vacation time, your company MUST pay you for this time, even if they fire or lay you off. 

If you are laid off, fired or leave your job, your employer MUST pay you everything you are owed (including any earned vacation time). If your employer has not paid you what you’re owed, please call me office for a free consultation. Massachusetts Employment Law imposes severe penalties for companies that fail to pay you what is properly owned to you.