Massachusetts Medical Malpractice

If you have been injured by a doctor or hospital in Massachusetts, contact Massachusetts Medical Malpractice lawyer, Patrick Bull to help you. The Law Office of Patrick Bull can help you getting the compensation you deserve for your injuries. You have the right to bring a malpractice claim for your medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering. In malpractice claims, it is absolutely vital that you work with an Massachusetts Medical Malpractice attorney that is committed to helping you get compensation for your injuries.

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Medical malpractice law suits are very expensive and time-consuming. In most cases medical experts will need to be hired to help prove your case.

Despite this expense, the Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Law Office of Patrick Bull does not charge clients anything to prepare their cases. The attorney only recoups the investment and attorney fees when your case is won.

As a victim of medical negligence you have several choices:

  • File a medical misconduct complaint with the Massachusetts Board of Registration for Medicine.
  • Get an opinion from a Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Attorney. Make sure you are not paying any up front fee for this service; and
  • Obtain a copy of your medial records from your medical provider and have your medical care reviewed by another medical specialist.


  • Filing your own “pro se” lawsuit is complicated and should not be attempted (in my opinion). You will find that most physicians are uninterested in getting involved in a claim against another doctor. You probably will have trouble finding a doctor to review your case without the help of an attorney;
  • Expert medical reviews can be very expensive if you go it alone;
  • Select a medical malpractice attorney as they can guide you as to the merit’s of your case and locate a doctor to review your case; and
  • Be careful not to delay, you must file a claim within a specific time, otherwise you will lose your right to make a claim.


  • Failure to diagnose cancer;
  • Delay in diagnosing colon or breast cancer;
  • Excessive bleeding after surgery resulting in neurologic damage;
  • Childbirth and delivery negligence;
  • Improper hospital care;
  • Failure to treat cardiac systems;
  • Improper cataract surgery;
  • Neurologic or brain damage resulting from lack of oxygen during surgery;
  • Orthopaedic errors;
  • Colonoscopy punctures; and
  • Doctors negligent medical care

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