Massachusetts Mechanic’s Lien Lawyer

Working construction is tough enough without having to worry about getting paid. If you have provided labor and/or materials on a construction project, you have the right to get paid.

To have the best chance of getting paid for your work, you need to file a Massachusetts Mechanic’s lien. When you file a Massachusetts Mechanic’s lien you give notice to the rest of the world that money is owed for your work. A Massachusetts Mechanic’s Lien makes it very difficult for the owner of the property to sell or re-finance the property. In addition, once the Mechanic’s Lien has been approved by the court, the lien holder (the person or company that did the work) can force the sale of the house to get the payments they deserve. 

The Massachusetts Mechanic’s Lien laws and procedures are very strict and MUST be followed exactly, otherwise your request for a Mechanic’s Lien will be denied.

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