Barroom Fights

Negligent or inadequate security is often to blame for the preventable assaults, rapes, or homicides of an innocent crime victim. The Law Office of Patrick Bull will work to pursue litigation against businesses whose negligence in failing to provide adequate security placed a customer at greater risk of being a victim. When assault, rape, kidnapping or other violence takes place in or around a hotel, apartment, shopping mall, nightclub, MBTA station, office building, concert arena, parking lot or similar venue, any victim is justified in asking whether the crime could have been prevented by better security measures.

If there is sufficient evidence that security was lacking, inadequate or negligently performed, the negligent parties can and should be held liable for the victim’s damages. The Law Office of Patrick Bull will vigorously pursue personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits against person/company which is to blame for negligent or inadequate security in Massachusetts.

If you’ve been the victim of a crime due to lack a security at a venue, contact my office for a free consultation. Call 978-457-9090

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